What's running on my cloud server?

Also, see: What’s running on my Pi?.

What’s running today

  • On #1: Wallabag.
  • On #2: Matrix server: No one in my social circle uses it today, so I just use it as a bridge to Whatsapp for now!
  • On both: A Tailscale daemon that connects these servers to my private network.

Ideas for future

  • Some kind of a simple document management system that can ingest documents, run OCR to extract content and build a searchable index on top of that content.

Cloud provider

  • I got two Always Free virtual machines from Oracle. They aren’t huge but will suffice for my modest requirements. (Details here.)

Bad ideas

  • Email, or even an email forwarding service: seems to be a lot of hassle. And Zoho is anyway working fine.
  • Nextcloud as a Dropbox replacement: too heavy, as compared to Samba, for my requirements.