Olympic National Park

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  • Hurricane Ridge.
  • 1-2 stops along Crescent Lake.
  • Hoh Rainforest: I already did the two short hikes here. What remains is the 18 mile trail along the river.
  • Sol Duc Falls and the nearby hot springs. (Apparently, the waterfall is very beautiful.)
  • Maybe go to La Push if I am on far west near Forks.

Hoh River Trail backpacking

  • ~35 miles roundtrip. Mostly flat without a lot of elevation gains. Bunch of campsites along the way, so can stop anywhere you want.
  • July-August (and maybe June and September) are better times when it doesn’t rain.
  • What’s the bear situation?
  • Hike to the end, Blue Glacier, is a day hike and involves serious elevation gain.

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