• Find the installable:
    • Router name: Archer C7 v2 AC 1750.
    • While searching for OpenWRT firmware, I had to look for a US specific one (which had -us in its name) and shorten the filename to firmware.bin before installing.
  • UI available here.
  • SSH from computer’s CLI: ssh root@
    • Setup password-less SSH once: ssh-copy-id root@ (This might not work. If so, directly upload your SSH public key from the UI. Also, remove this instruction!)
  • Security - WPA2 with AES.


  • Set custom DNS server to that of Next DNS: Network -> Interfaces -> WAN/WAN6 -> Edit -> Advanced Settings -> Use custom DNS servers. Once for IPv4 and IPv6 each.
  • If one or more WiFi networks die intermittently and you see deauthenticated due to inactivity error in System Log, follow this guide.
    • Essentially, add option disassoc_low_ack '0' to config wifi-iface section of the /etc/config/wireless file.
  • Periodically restart the router:
    • crontab -e
    • Add to the bottom: 0 4 * * * reboot.