It is 2012- the year that I enter the 23rd year of my existence. 23 years is not a small time, at least for me, and if I see in retrospect, I am decently satisfied by how my life has turned out until now.

What worries me today is that I haven’t yet achieved something that I can be substantially proud of. Sure, the one year spent in Kota was great; the four years I spent in DCE will always remain ‘the’ golden time of my life and the same goes for Adobe. The point is that it is nothing what a guy who begins working hard right from when he is in class 11 cannot achieve. I only find comfort in thinking that all these were supposed to be steps in the way of me achieving something higher in life- and that is still true. I have met many people in recent times who are doing exactly what they didn’t see themselves doing some four or six years ago. That may be fine, only if you are consciously trying to change things around. But not trying to change things even when you are not satisfied with them is a sin in my eyes- at least in that case I have stood true to myself.

I spent last year exactly as I wanted to. I spent time in searching for what I was passionate about- I discovered that apart from watching movies, I also love listening to music. I am happy that I developed a good taste in music- listened to some good bands such as Opeth, Dream Theater and Metallica (and of course I went to the Metallica concert which was scheduled to happen in Gurgaon, only to be cancelled a couple of hours before it was to begin). I bought the beast among bikes, a Bullet, and drove to Jaipur, Mussoorie and Agra. Moreover, I dreamt of driving to Leh in mid-2012 and I am still keen on doing that. I also spent time in studying a little economics, something that I wanted to do right from when I was in college. I also did my job and trust me, it is no mean thing!

But that was last year. What am I looking for in 2012? I really don’t know. There is, however, a sort of resolution that I have taken for the New Year. It is to try to achieve perfection in everything I do. Until now, I believed that in some cases, the fact that you are doing something for the sake of doing it is okay. But in the near future, I will make every effort to change that. Also, I intend to drive to Leh sometime during the summers but then, that depends a lot on getting good company for the road trip.

Lastly, I will make sure I do not pass this year tediously and monotonously and I will keep updating the stories as and when they happen! Happy New Year!