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  • I learned a few random things lately:
    • India doesn’t have a big number of skyscrapers despite high population because of two reasons.
      • One, albeit minor, is that skyscrapers require consistent power supply and that’s hard in India.
      • Two, the bigger one, is the government allowed FSI: a ratio of total floor space within the building to the area of land on which the building is built. FSI varies with project or location but is usually small (2-5) in India compared to that in other countries where it can go as high as 25.
    • Third place:
      • The YouTube presenter argues that a third place, other than your home and office, something like a local pub etc. where you can walk to, is socially important.
        • Allows you to serendipitously bump into a set of people periodically.
        • That’s where new community members can form first friends.
      • The following don’t serve the same purpose:
        • Self-organized backyard parties because you already know the people that you’ll meet.
        • Malls or those pubs that you need to drive to because you possibly won’t bump into the same people multiple times. (Also, I myself can’t imagine going up to strangers in a random bar and starting a conversation. )
      • Recently, as I’ve started going to the office every week or two, I’ve noticed how nice random conversations are. They just don’t happen on video calls when you are working from home because you only call people with an agenda.