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Focus areas

·1 min
  • Today, I was reminded of a book that I had heard about earlier: how to read a book. I was about to borrow it from the library when I realized that it’ll become yet another thing on my todo plate, however useful it might turn out to be. So, I didn’t check out.
  • I do this often but here’s another list of what’s, or should be, on my plate right now:
    • Entertainment:
      • Oathbringer.
      • YouTube and other stuff on TV.
    • Books:
      • CI.
      • If possible, some stuff on distributed systems.
    • As usual, work, workout and household chores.
  • When I look back on my notes from a week or two before, I see pretty much the same things there. I think what’s happening is I am dividing my time disproportionately in these buckets. For example, a lot of it on self-hosting and randomly checking for Black Friday deals.
  • Life will become pretty simple if I stuck to such a small number of things.