Moments of self-realization are rare! You might go blank for a few seconds when a social networking website prompts you to write an About Me, but apart from few such occasions, you are generally confident that you know yourself well. And then something comes up that shows you an entirely new facet of your personality. I can tell this because something similar happened with me recently.

I decided to purchase a camera after my Chadar trek. I had a Canon Powershot SX30 there and the pictures it captured came out so good that it made the question of what brand to purchase simple. I could either purchase an advanced point and shoot or a DSLR. I realized that I am good at doing my research: from more than a couple of dozen models on Flipkart and Amazon and given my constraints and preferences, I could come up with the best cameras in both categories in just three or four days.

But then, the question of an advanced P&S vs. a DSLR haunted me for days after that. I remember having read somewhere that men are, in general, not good at multitasking; I, for one, realized this in a rather difficult way! I was so focused on this one thing for those couple of weeks or so that nothing else seemed to matter, and every sane advice to go to the market and just purchase one of the two cameras was stubbornly ignored. The torment, of course, eventually ended when I bought a DSLR last week.

These two traits were also clearly visible to me when I was deciding, some time back, on what mutual funds to invest in. Not many people spend time trying to discover and understand themselves better, but for others like me who do, experiences like the ones mentioned above offer a fresh perspective on a rather lesser known territory..