Music CDs

Lately, I’ve been thinking of buying CDs for albums I like. Reasons:

  • CDs will give a physical representation to what I like. As my taste in music changes with time, so will the “favorites” section of Spotify (or whatever streaming services I use). However, the CDs I buy will always be there.
  • I mostly listen to albums, not individual songs, and CDs are a slightly better way to go deeper into them because they limit my choices. I can do the same with Spoitfy, by sticking to a few albums, but that doesn’t always work.
  • Music is one art form where I want to support artists for the continuous pleasure they provide me. And, I believe, more of my money will go to them when I buy CDs than when I listen to them on Spotify.
  • The music on my CDs will always be there with me as compared to that on Spotify which isn’t future-proof.

Why not:

  • MP3s:
    • Geographic restrictions: I am not sure the music I buy from Amazon US will still be accessible if I move to another country.
    • While mp3 format is good enough for me today, I might want to try out lossless formats (such as flac) in future and that will be possible with CDs.
  • Vinyl:
    • The music quality is worse than that of CDs.
    • Can’t rip them for phones.
    • Requires a lot of setup for something that I don’t know how much I’ll like.