I used to blog, but then I quit because it was time-consuming. It used to take me a lot of time to coherently put down my ideas, often requiring multiple iterations to get the grammar right. And the latter was necessary because I am a grammar nazi and didn’t have tools like Grammarly back then.

I, however, feel that it’s important to write for many reasons. One, my future self will be interested to know what I was thinking today. And even though pictures and tweets can serve a similar purpose, they can’t beat a well-thought blog post. Two, it gives clarity to thoughts. As Jeff Besoz says, “There is no way to write a six-page, narratively structured memo and not have clear thinking.” Of course, six isn’t a strict number, and the same should apply to a three hundred word blog post! Third, it improves my production vs consumption balance. I consume way more content than what I produce, a side-effect of the always online mindset of the contemporary world. This isn’t healthy, and writing can help fix it to a minor extent.

So, I plan to start writing again. But this time, I’ll keep the process lean. I’ll prefer keeping the content short, so that the activity doesn’t turn into a burden as it did earlier. I won’t worry about the grammar that much either: I’ll get it right enough, not necessarily perfect.

I have a lot to share, about Seattle, Bangalore, my career at Amazon so far, marriage life etc.! I know it is possible the activity might not stick, but I am hopeful.