The day before yesterday, I and Prashant visited DCE. It was the first time I was going there after graduation. Both of us had a small to-do list in mind and surprisingly, we managed to do everything on that list in the four hours or so that we spent there.

We met Arya when we reached college- and then we started taking up our to-do things one by one. We went to the admin block to collect our consolidated mark sheet (Arya, who lives on the campus itself, hadn’t even collected his degree yet), went to Nescafe and both the canteens- Mech and Elec, met Rajni Jindal ma’am, visited Auntie’s and Chachi’s shop, sold 2-3 graduation books at Future Point (the guy who runs that shop is still as miserable as ever!) and I also took the other two to the almost filthy-yet-memorable ‘theka’ of Badli Mor!

When I and Prashant went to Rajni ma’am, we found her genuinely interested in talking to us- we chatted candidly about work, college studies, life post-college, her two sons and lastly our marriages (this was when we decided it was time to leave!). She is also leaving DCE, after 19 long years, for a professorship in IGIT- a job that she truly deserves. Chachi wasn’t there when we went there but Auntie was so happy to see us after such a long time that I felt that she actually missed us older folks smoking and chatting in front of her shop! When we were searching for a place to park near Mech canteen, I was shocked to see the heavy number of cars outside, to which Arya reminded me that DCE was now DTU- richer folks study there now. I was also mildly surprised when the three of us managed to collect our documents from the admin block well within 5 minutes- either it was a side-effect of the privatization of the college or we were simply fortunate!

All in all, it was a pleasant visit and I for one had an awesome time. We missed out on a few things, such as eating in hostel’s mess (a useless idea that Prashant suggested!) and visiting Metro Walk- but then, there is always a next time!