South America visa

Visas (for Indian citizens like me):

  • Colombia:
    • Not needed.
  • Argentina:
    • Apply in Washington DC. Most probably go for an interview. Free though.
  • Chile:
    • Apply online, but appear for interview or collect visa (SF, Miami, NYC, etc.).
    • Pay only once visa is approved.
  • Brazil:
    • Apply online, but need to visit embassy to collect visa.
    • Official website, SF consulate where I need to apply. There are some agencies too, but they charge more than visa fees as additional service fees.
  • Peru:
    • No need to apply for visa since I am on L1. (Proof: 1, 2 and Trip Advisor.) Only requirement is that visa should be valid for 6+ months.
  • Ecuador
    • No visa needed. Unofficial proof here.
    • Health insurance that will cover any health issues during their visit to Ecuador.
  • Venezuela:
    • Visa required. Submit in person.
  • Puerto Rico:
    • None needed, as it is an unincorporated territory of the United States.
  • Costa Rica:
    • Not needed.
  • Belize:
    • Not needed.
  • Bolivia:
    • 1 says need to apply earlier for free, 2 says can get on arrival, only at major airports, for some money. This supports the latter.
  • Paraguay:
    • Apply in person for $160.

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