See what’s running

docker ps

Container-specific commands

# SSH into a running container.
docker exec -it 0061ecc7ef37 /bin/bash

# Restart
docker restart 52835f0907e8

# Stop
docker container stop 23642fbe8515

# Stop all
docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)

# Prune all stopped containers
docker container prune

Parameters for docker run

  • -d: Run as daemon.
  • -p 8439:8080: Map port A externally to B internally.
  • -v ~/Documents/TiddlyWikiDockerVolume:/var/lib/tiddlywiki: Map volume A externally to B internally.
  • -e USERNAME="abc": Environment variable.
  • --restart unless-stopped: Automatically bring up the container on Docker daemon restart.


# Assuming current directory contains a file named *docker-compose.yml*
docker-compose up

# Or
docker-compose down

Uprade an existing service

The following assumes that the containers are stateless.

docker images # First, verify what image version is currently present.
docker pull wallabag/wallabag

# Stop and remove existing containers
docker stop 52835f0907e8
docker rm 52835f0907e8

# Restart a new one
docker run ...